Play & Motion


b. 1986, HK.




Ruchi Bakshi Sharma studied Communication Design at the National Institute of Design and has directed several award winning live action and stopmotion shorts. She works with multiple mediums - Lenticulars, paper assemblages inside shadow boxes, video, optical and animating toys, kaleidoscopes out of recycled materials, jointed paper puppets for beginning story tellers, illustrated puzzles and handmade zines in collaboration with young kids. Play and motion are dominant elements in her work.

The picaresque characters in her drawings are often based on outlandish folklore. The central characters are mediators between human and the spirit, quietly witnessing the push and pull of their game of life, alchemists equipped with supernatural powers seeming to inhabit a strange world of myth and fancy. Her work stands for her fringe theories about the mysterious workings of this world. Allegorical in nature, her style is illustrative and consists of haphazardly associative imagery scrutinized under a magnified gaze. Her aim is to create rabbit holes inside everyday reality.

A student film fetched her the coveted Auteur award in the Calcutta Film festival in the year 2000. Ever since then Ruchi has used drawings and film as her artistic tools. Her shorts films have been screened at the Kyoto international film festival in Japan, Digital Talkies & Osians in New Delhi, Dhaka international film festival, LA International Childrens film festival and St Johns international film festival in Canada. Her broadcast Idents have won multiple design awards at Singapore and New York. She has taught Design Fundamentals and expressionistic film language courses at Xaviers Institute of Communication, Parsons ISDI Mumbai and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. She has taken numerous  Storytelling workshops - optical toys with slum children at Manorama Paathshala, Shadow box & Movable Puppet Making at the Bhau Daji Lad Museum and Zine workshops at IIT Mumbai. Her work has been a part of collective shows at Ruchika Art Gallery, Goa, The Viewing room & Art Loft, Mumbai and Artist collectives - Art Stack and AIRdrome. In august 2017 she attended a month long residency program at WAA/'What About Art' in Mumbai where she explored the notions of Home, Humanity and the 'Human Condition'. This work was displayed at WAA's annual Open Studio as  a part of Mumbai Gallery Weekend's collateral program.  In September 2017 she showed her autobiographical video stories inside a personified wooden cabinetman at a group show titled 'ODDS & ENDS' at Bangalore's GALLERYSKE. She was invited by Amnesty International to create an installation to raise awareness for their 'Undertrial Project'. This was shown at JAAGA's Bangalore Fantastic in December 2017. In October she was invited by Vienna based Galerie Krinzinger to their Artist-In-Residence program held at the One World Foundation in Srilanka where she developed an installation called 'The Scry box' . This was shown at Krinzinger Projekte's AIR  show in february 2018. 

In February 2019 Ruchi was invited by the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art,FICA to be a part of its annual public art project at the India Art Fair. Conceptualized by Sudarshan Shetty FAIR-UN-FAIR was imposition of a fair within a fair. Ruchi’s installation featured 40 esoteric stories centering on the age old karmic algorithm of virtue and vice. Inspired from the practice of fate-telling the video sculpture allowed the viewer to reflect on one’s journey through many realms of an unfolding cosmos. It also featured an interaction piece that encouraged the viewer to engage in deductive reasoning as they used magnetic drawings and thought bubbles to tell their own stories.